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Walk Around Entertainment

Providing amusement as well as excitement, walk around entertainment is available in an array of fun and welcoming characters including stilt walking, Disney princesses and more,

also with the possibility to create bespoke outfits to suit your event!

Browse below and get in touch for a quote :)

Stilt Walking

Walking tall with incredible outfits,

add a touch of elegance to your event with friendly and welcoming characters.

Providing a selection of themes with beautiful costumes,

view the current range or request a specific theme for a bespoke made character outfit (dependant on time and budget).

Also including mesmerizing LED costumes for Oct-Dec!

Available with 1 or 2 performers at a time

in slots to suit your needs, such as:

- 1 hour

- 2 x 50min (2 hours)

- 3 x 50min (3 hours)

- 4 x 50min (4 hours)

Disney Princesses

Enchanting characters loved by all,

invite a Disney princess to your event to offer a magical experience to your guests.

Providing 1 or 2 princesses at a time including:

- Frozen Sisters Anna & Elsa

- Beautiful Belle & Ariel

- Cinderella & more to come!

Available to freely wander the event while interacting with public, or instead provide a wonderous inside scene with beautiful LED curtain, perfect for that extra special meet and greet and photo opportunities.

Giant Bubble Blowers

Bring the magic of bubbles to your event with walk around

giant bubble blowers!

Loved by all ages, bubble blowers scatter mesmerizing bubbles across your event to bring smiles and excitement to your guests as they watch them float to the skies, while some have great fun chasing and popping them.

Available in various themes including:

- Magic & Sparkles (Bloom the Fairy / Unicorn)

- Under the Sea (Jellyfish / Mermaid)

- Trixie the Festive Bubble Elf

and more to come!

Coming Soon...

Dragon Queens

Swirling hypnotic 6meter dragons,

the Dragon Queens are sure to captivate your guests.

With beautiful mixed colours or even LED for evening entertainment.

Please enquire for more information.

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